PAF! is a non-profit association created on December 5, 2016 by three mothers of children with particular learning profiles, Tina Heintz, Françoise Pellaton and Marie-Pierre Tremblay. Their journey as struggling parents in the Pays de Gex allowed them to see a real need to federate the efforts of parents as well as education and health professionals to better support students in their region. This urgency to provide solutions to allow students to flourish in their schooling and their studies, provided the impulse to discover and make known all that can contribute to the pleasure of learning, on the emotional, physical health and learning skills levels.


The adventure began with the Grand Rendez-Vous de Divonne organized by the Tourist Office and ValVital featuring three key conferences by Olivier Revol("Small arrangements with “wise learners"), Patrick Lemoine ("Relearn to sleep) and David Sander ("Emotion and Learning"). The PAF! Fair which followed as an all-day Saturday event, federated 40 exhibitors gathered in the Espace Charles Aznavour of Divonne: associations, professionals of learning support and well-being as well as health professionals shared their expertise with the 550 visitors. In addition, 13 lectures and 23 workshops for parents and children on the theme of the joy of learning were presented throughout the day.


PAF! actions take all the necessary forms to fulfill the mission of the association, namely:

  • Inform and educate the general public, teachers, students of all ages ...
  • Disseminate information in the field of learning disabilities, giftedness, lack of self-esteem ...
  • Carry out economic activities (sale of products and services in connection with the actions of the association)
  • Organize conferences, trainings, workshops, events for the general public or specific audiences ...
  • Encourage and coordinate exchanges between the groups concerned by the targeted themes
  • Communicate with public authorities (political and administrative) to work for actions and regulations that promote development in learning and in everyday life
  • Develop partnerships
  • Accompany and advise children, young adults and adults with the support of local experts


Learning pursues us throughout our lives and it is for this reason that the mission of the association, namely to promote the pleasure of learning, is addressed to all categories of learners:

  • Those who learn in school - primary, secondary, university, continuing education
  • Those who learn in their professional life
  • Those who learn in everyday life
  • Health professionals
  • Education professionals
  • Personal development professionals


The association is composed of:
• The Administrators: the President, the Treasurer and the Secretary
• The Committee: members of the association who regularly participate in activities and actively contribute to achieving the objectives
• Active Members: Anyone whose annual membership is up-to-date and who enjoys "member" benefits
• "Expert" Members: any member putting their expertise to the service of the association and being part of the PAF! Teams
• Volunteers: members or non-members who participate in event management
• PAF! Teams: "Expert" members are organized into six team: Learning Profiles, Parents, School Support, Health, Specialized Schools, Arts.


The PAF association! is a non-profit association created on December 5th, 2016 and registered in Divonne-les-Bains (01) under RNA n ° W013001338.

Download the statutes by clicking here.